About Me


I was born on 10 June 1970 in Pretoria and enjoyed art from a very early age. I wanted to draw faces accurately for my school projects so I started to observe people and try to draw them as realistically as I could. From there my love of art grew. I started seeing the world differently and observed everything through the eye of an “ artist in training”.

During my school days, I was tutored by a professional artist in our neighbourhood and after school, I started to paint and experiment more with different mediums and subjects. I spent time researching art, design, use of colours and the many varied techniques used by artists.

In 2005 I started teaching art to children, adults and older people at retirement villages. The more I taught, the more my skills developed.

Since 2013, I have really been working on channelling my style of art into a direction that challenges me and inspires me with every stroke of my brush and palette knife.

I love doing impressionistic work mixed with realism which allows the viewer to explore my work and enjoy visually completing it. Like the great composer J.S.Bach, I sign each artwork with SDG- Soli Deo Gloria (for the glory of God alone). My greatest wish is that my work pleases God, those who view my work and those who own my art pieces.